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MOVE! Handouts

The following are handouts developed for MOVE!. Your Patient Report will indicate which handouts may be helpful to you based on the answers you provided on the MOVE!23 questionnaire.

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M01 - Skip The Fad Diet - Go The Healthy Way ver. 5.0  New!
M02 - Handling Weight Plateaus ver. 5.0  New!
M03 - Medications Can Cause Weight Gain ver. 5.0  New!
M04 - Quitting Smoking Is A Healthy Choice ver. 5.0  New!
M05 - 10 Health Gains From A 10 Percent Weight Loss ver. 5.0  New!
M06 - B M I Chart ver. 5.0  New!
M07 - Pre-diabetes and MOVE!®: Lower Your Risks ver. 5.0  New!
M08 - Keep Your Health ver. 5.0  New!
M09 - It's Your MOVE ver. 5.0  New!
M10 - Fatty Liver and NASH ver. 5.0  New!
M11 - Dietary Plan Choices ver. 5.0  New!
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