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The new MOVE!® Group Sessions are now available. These resources are for health care professionals leading MOVE!® Weight Management groups. Content and format for the 16 sessions is based on the latest evidence and updates from the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), and the recently published VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline for Screening and Management of Overweight and Obesity

Some of the key points include:
  • One consistent coach for all 16 sessions to improve participant success
  • Support and participation from a behavior expert (such as the Health Behavior Coordinator).
  • Enhancements and updates to overall content.
  • A "closed" group of participants (i.e., Veterans start and finish the program together).
  • Fixed start and end date.

The Facilitator/Coach Guidelines document provides guidance for conducting the groups. Each session includes a general outline, discussion points, physical activity break, and relevant handouts covering a variety of nutrition, physical activity, and behavior topics.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the files.

MOVE!® Group Sessions     

GS00 - Facilitator/Coach Guidelines ver. 5.0

GS01 - Ready, Set, Goals ver. 5.0

GS02 - Eat Wisely To Tip The Balance ver. 5.0

GS03 - Be Active To Tip the Balance ver. 5.0

GS04 - Take Charge Of Your Weight ver. 5.0

GS05 - Go Good Fat ver. 5.0

GS06 - Get Fit For Life ver. 5.0

GS07 - Manage Stress And Handle Hunger ver. 5.0

GS08 - Dine Out Successfully ver. 5.0

GS09 - Fine Tune Your Physical Activity ver. 5.0

GS10 - Overcome Weight Plateaus ver. 5.0

GS11 - Finesse Your Food ver. 5.0

GS12 - Pump Up Your Physical Activity ver. 5.0

GS13 - Dust Yourself Off ver. 5.0

GS14 - Keep It Positive ver. 5.0

GS15 - Conquer Triggers And Cues ver. 5.0

GS16 - Maintain Your Momentum ver. 5.0