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The following group session plans are available for health care professionals leading MOVE!® weight management groups. The modules include an orientation session, which sets the scene for group sessions and facilitates rolling admission into groups, ten core session plans covering a variety of nutrition, physical activity and behavior change topics, and a general group format plan for those providing ongoing MOVE!® support groups. An accompanying document titled Introduction to Group Modules has been developed to provide further guidance to session leaders. An earlier version of group modules is also available for those looking to explore specific topics.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the files.

Modules for Group Sessions     

GS00 - Introduction To Group Session For Leaders ver. 3.5

GS01 - Orientation Session ver. 2.0

GS02 - Stepping Out With My Pedometer Session ver. 3.5

GS03 - What's In Your Food Session ver. 2.0

GS04 - Fit For Life Session ver. 2.0

GS05 - Trim The Fat Session ver. 2.0

GS06 - Play It Safe Session ver. 2.0

GS07 - Tip The Balance Session ver. 2.0

GS08 - If At First You Don't Succeed Plan Session ver. 2.0

GS09 - You Are The Boss Session ver. 2.0

GS10 - Oops I Did It Again Session ver. 2.0

GS11 - Keep It Going Session ver. 2.0

GS12 - Moving Forward Session ver. 2.0

Click here to access version 1 of MOVE!® group sessions .